Are Your Supplements Spiked?

It's hard to believe, in this day and age, there are still so many supplement companies fudging numbers to mislead consumers. Thankfully, there are 3rd party testing labs digging up the dirt.


Chia Seed Pudding

If you are not aware of the digestive benefits of chia seeds I suggest you do some research and discover how greatly these little seeds can improve your digestive heath.

Bike Lock Revolution

Two new Kickstarter campaigns caught my attention this week. Both dealing with a common problem I often find myself facing; locking my bicycle.

Both of these new locks are operated with smartphones and enable you to lock your bike with your phone, track your bike, share your bike with your friends, and some many more features!

Check them out and tell me which one you prefer! 



Easy Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffins

Looking for a better, cleaner option in the grab-and-go breakfast department? Want it to be so easy it should be illegal? This simple recipe will be a great introduction into the wild world of sweet potato muffins!

Ready for Summer? Getting the results you need may not happen the way you thought!

Lately I've been getting some questions, and hearing a lot about people's summer slim down plans and I realized  there are probably some of you who could benefit from it from a post on this topic.

So here are SCB's tips to achieving your summer goals.